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Proof Of The Effective Bogolomov Conjecture Over Function Fields Of Characteristic Zero
by ZÜBEYIR ÇINKIR, Gaziantep Zirve University

September 14 - 16, 2011


In these three days series of talks, our main goal is to discuss the proof of the Effective Bogolomov Conjecture over function fields of characteristic zero [C1]. Here is the outline of what we plan to cover:

(1) Brief history [T] [B] of results in arithmetic geometry that concerns the finiteness of algebraic points of small heights, with more emphasis on Bogomolov Conjectures over several fields and their generalizations.
(2) Bogomolov Conjecture over global fields and Zhang’s work [Z1] [Z2].
(3) Effective Bogomolov Conjecture over function fields and history of previously known results [G] [F] [M1] [M2] [M3] [M4] [Y1] [Y2] [P].
(4) Zhang’s Conjectures on polarized metrized graph invariants [Z2].
(5) Metrized graphs and their tau constant [BR] [BF] [CR] [C1] [C2] [C3] [C4] [C5].
(6) Polarized metrized graphs and their invariants [C1] [Z2] [F].
(7) Completing the proof of Effective Bogomolov Conjecture over function fields of characteristic zero [C1].
(8) A new proof of the slope inequality for Faltings heights on moduli space of curves [Z2] [C1] [M2] [M4].
(9) Computations of metrized graph and polarized metrized graph invariants [C4] [C5].
(10) Further related work [J1] [J2] [J3] [Y3] [GS] [BN].


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Proof Of The Effective Bogolomov Conjecture Over Function Fields Of Characteristic Zero