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International Summer School and Research Workshop on Complexity

September 5 - 10, 2011


Introductory lectures on central methods by members of the Imperial College Complexity Group followed by a research workshop on current topics

Keywords: Dynamics, structure, emergence. Master equations, networks, scaling, evolution.

Introductory lectures
Gunnar Pruessner: Master, Fokker-Planck and Langevin equations. A tool box for analysing complex systems.
Kim Christensen: Scaling and power laws. A critical discussion of how to analyse power laws by e.g. finite size scaling and their relevance to complex systems.
Tim Evans: Network theory with particular focus on analysis of social networks
Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen: An introduction to typical types of dynamics found in complex systems: Stationary power law distributed avalanche dynamics, non-stationary logarithmically slow relaxational dynamics and stationary equilibrium like fluctuations.

Invited seminars
G Baris Bagci: Second law for non-equilibrium steady states in open systems.
A Nihat Berker: Robustness, Beauty, and Fragility in the Random Scale-Free World: Apollonius Tulips and Critical Percolation Phases.
Alkan Kabakcioglu: Influence of the helical structure in DNA denaturation.
Mustafa Keskin: Correlation, hierarchies, and networks of the main Turkish companies.
Anastasios Malakis: Monte Carlo methods for the study of disordered systems.
Muhittin Mungan: Statistical Mechanics and Statistical Inference Methods on Graphs.
Ugur Tirnakli: Appearance of q-Gaussians in low- and high-dimensional dynamical systems.
Cemal Yalabik: Renormalization Group studies of some Non-equilibrium Systems.

Public Lecture: Geoffrey West, Santa Fe Institute.
Size matters; the Complexity, Simplicity, and Unity of Life from Cells & Ecosystems to Cities & Corporations

Final Program NEW

International Summer School and Research Workshop on Complexity